Submissions Guidelines

Rules to be Followed

1. Manuscripts must not be on a rather broad topic; authors must choose a specific-narrow-topic and research specifically within the boundary of such topic. Manuscript should be a product of extensive research on the respective field and with sufficient references. Manuscripts based on personal opinions shall be rejected.

2. Manuscript must compulsorily include “analysis element” to it; manuscripts containing mere introduction or general information to a topic shall be rejected. The manuscript must try to provide a “new and unique element” to the discussion and mere repetition of already-existing field of research, shall not be given priority.

3. Word limit for a write-up is 1500-3000 words (excluding citations). Manuscripts exceeding the word-limit shall be accepted based on the quality of the submission.

4. The manuscript must follow British English and should be written in Times New Roman, font size: 12, line spacing: 1.5. Do not use first-person narrative in the manuscript.

5. We insist that the sources referred to, be online, accessible easily and free of cost.

6. The references can be hyperlinked. Further, we allow cases laws to be hyperlinked in the citation. For references that cannot be hyperlinked, a uniform citation style should be follows. For citation, Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities, Fourth Edition (OSCOLA, 4th ed.) shall be followed. For citation of sources of International Law, Citing International Law Sources Section, OSCOLA, 2006 shall be followed. Endnotes and speaking footnotes are prohibited. Any manuscript not following such citations format shall be rejected.

7. The subject of the email should include the title of the manuscript and the name of the author. Format: “Title of the Manuscript – Name of the Author”. The body of the e-mail must contain institutional affiliation of the author.

8. Plagiarism shall be less than 15%.

9. Anonymity shall be maintained in the manuscript submitted i.e. name of the person shall not be disclosed in the write-up and during the review process.

10. The submission mail may also include a cover letter signifying the purpose behind the research and the write-up.

11. Submissions shall be mailed in the from of word document to

12. Co-authorship of maximum two people is allowed.

13. Contents shall be politically neutral and morally acceptable.

14. Submissions should not be published elsewhere i.e. the manuscript must be new.

15. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

 Review Process

1. Submissions are subject to review, after which the submissions shall be accepted, sent back for changes or rejected. (Any changes required from the side of the author or any changes made by the editors, shall be made aware to the authors by the editorial team.)

2. For any submissions which is beyond the expertise of the editorial team, new temporary editors shall be sought by the editorial team themselves.

3. Editors will look into matters including but not limited to, language, grammar, accuracy, logical flow, coherence, etc. First two guidelines under “Rules to be Followed” and factual accuracy shall be given the most importance during the review process. Manuscripts lacking such elements shall be rejected.

4. The editorial board reserves the right to request copies of any resources or authorities cited in the manuscript.

Important Information

1. Copyright of the published manuscripts shall remain with NepScholaris. Moral rights shall vest with the author.

2. The author shall indemnify NepScholaris for any liability arising from their write-ups.

3. Submissions made here, shall not be submitted elsewhere for publication, during the review process.

4. Submissions will be published free of cost and the author shall not be paid for publication of his work.

5. Author’s institutional affiliation shall be mentioned in their published articles.

6. Submissions made by an author shall imply that the author has read the guidelines and has accepted the conditions provided.

7. The decision by the editorial team shall be final and binding.

8. The views expressed in the publications made on the site are the solely attributed to the author(s) and do not reflect any views of the NepScholaris, its members and advisors. NepScholaris, its members and advisors shall not be liable for any claim and dispute what so ever the case may be.

9. We are currently only accepting submissions from Nepalese students. However, professionals of any nationality can submit their manuscript.